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Whether a tree has fallen in your back garden or whether you’ve had a tree removed the stump will still be left in the ground. Stump grinding is the best way to prevent suckering and is also essential if you plan to have the area cleared for another project. Here at AWG, our tree surgeons have all the essential equipment, expertise and knowledge to carry out stump grinding effectively and, above all, safely.

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We have the technical know-how to tackle even problematic tree stumps, such as those which are in restricted areas and those which are too close to a fence or wall.

Why Have Stump Grinding Carried Out?

Although stump grinding isn’t always necessary, in some cases it is the best way forward. Sometimes, tree roots can interfere with underground electric cabling or water and gas pipes, or can affect the stability of fences and walls, causing possible structural damage.

Even if your remaining tree stumps are no physical threat to your property, they are still often unsightly and can attract organisms and fungi which could easily spread to other plants in your garden. You can avoid this by having the stump ground.

In these cases, calling in a professional team of experts like AWG Tree Surgeons is the ideal solution to the problem. We can completely grind out tree stumps for better safety, allowing you to redevelop the area to suit your needs.