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Keeping your hedges well maintained is key to ensuring your garden looks its best all year round, so whether you have a traditional yew or beech hedge, rows of conifers or a mixed hedgerow, make AWG your first choice in the South East of England for hedge cutting services.

We approach every hedge cutting project from an aesthetic and a horticultural standpoint, ensuring that all work is carried out not only for the best visual effect but also for the best possible health of your garden.

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Keeping Your Community Tidy

A hedge is an effective natural boundary for your property, but it needs to be pruned regularly to ensure that it stays in shape and doesn’t grow over public roads and pavements. If your hedge is encroaching on the footpath, it’s time to call in a professional team like AWG to get it cut back. Not only will you be improving the safety of pedestrians and traffic going past, but you’ll also be improving the appearance of your community.


A Neat Appearance

Here at AWG our expert team have the knowledge and equipment necessary to trim your hedges to suit your tastes, ensuring that your garden stays looking its best all year round. We can tackle year-round maintenance projects so that your hedges retain their form, shape and density, or carry out one-off hedge reductions and hedge removals as necessary. You can depend on us to guarantee the health of your hedges and the kerb appeal of your property.